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Trees stripped of their leaves
By cold, dry winds
Riding the onslaught of winter

What was once vibrantly alive
Left dark and barren
Dead, not even a glimmer

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Other Side

Just when I think the worst has passed
In comes another thunderstorm of tears
Mourning the tragic loss of my only son
And cherishing, embracing his 25 years

At times, mind races a million questions
But there’s no one left to answer why
Only one final choice we have to accept
No one could understand more than I

I’ll try to live life to its absolute fullest
What’s in your heart no one can deny
I’ll always bring honor to your memories
Until we meet again, on the other side

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Rest In Peace


I’ve experienced many losses and heart breaks in my lifetime but none as deep as this. You left a void in my heart than can never be filled or fully healed.

I keep thinking, if I could only hold you and tell you I love you one more time, I would be OK. It’s the bitterest pill to swallow, knowing that day will never come.

What saddens me the most is all the life you will never be able to experience with those who love you. You’ll never get to play Call of Duty, eat Weathervane ice cream or watch the Blues win the cup. You’ll never get a college degree or have a long, successful career. Most of all, no chance to love and expand your family, watching those children grow up and leave the nest. There’s so much of life that’s now gone, forever.

We’re all left wondering if there’s anything that could have been said or done, to change your decision. I would have gladly taken all that pain away from you and even given my life so that you could continue living, but I was never given that option.

So, I’m left cherishing all the memories of you, because no more can be made. I use them as a life preserver when I feel like I’m drowning in tears.

There is one thing that brings a smile to my face. I know that deep in your heart, you would want those you loved to live life to its fullest, to be happy. The things that eluded you in the end. This is how I’ve decided to best honor your memory.


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Sometimes life can be so damned cruel
Teasing us with the love of procreation
Only to be left empty hand and hearts
Stripped away in stinging condemnation

Anything I could have said or done?
Another haunt left lingering for life
Added to my collection of failures
Cause no one knows like me, why.

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This life can be like cement shoes
Dragging deeply into the ground
Ignoring pain and fear, exponential
Fully Embraced, peace can be found

You can never outrun the inevitable
Eventually there’s no where left to go
A heart that’s never free to soar away
That pain and fear chaining your soul