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Sticky Sweet

Two children trapped in adult bodies
Finding the playmate of their dreams
Life becoming their endless carnival
Smiling and laughing in playful glee

As fresh carnival cotton candy strands
Spun fluffy and becoming intertwined
Hopelessly enmeshed they’ll become
Sticky sweet bond till the end of time

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Unconditional acceptance grown into love
Based on a gift of trust our hearts bestowed
Two souls reunited and blessed from above
Together now, hands bound, down any road

Watching love cleanse and heal the broken
Two growing hearts learning to beat as one
I love you, never were truer words spoken
Creating a bond that can never be undone

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You’re caught up in a daydream I’ll make come true
Because you believe in me and you know I’m the one
I’m the one that’ll wipe away tears when you’re blue
I’m the one that’ll chase and catch you when you run
I’m the one that’ll always be here for you to turn to
I’m the one that’ll build the bond to never be undone
I’m the one that’ll make you laugh and always on cue
I’m the one that’ll make dreams reality for the long run

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Never Understood

Thousands of connections across my life
But never one ever understood who I am
Ancient soul who missed their ascension
Now deeply afraid I’ll forever be damned

Thought it was you to finally believe in me
Felt the strength of a bond never felt before
The presence, touches, kisses and embraces
Hope fading fast you’ll free my heart to soar

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The Flood

Silent sound of tears landing on the keys
Inside a plasticized box containing who I am
How ironic an inanimate object
Knows more than any living being
The true hallmark of a lonely soul
Broken and disconnected since birth
When I garnered enough courage to reach out
You left me abandoned like discarded trash
You left me betrayed with never ending wounds
You left me rejected like it wasn’t even in question

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Don’t feel like you’re all alone because I’ve been
A horrible son
A horrible father
A horrible husband
A horrible lover
A horrible friend
Maybe you look upon me with disgust or apathy
But I’m the one who knows the reasons why
Never cared much about what other people think
Only reason I’m alive today is the man in the sky
Some are only meant to be lessons and examples
An indescribably painful burden I carry in this life
Thank whomever you believe in, you aren’t me
Left only with laughter when I can no longer cry