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Life and Death

Life challenged my humanity
Only in death, I’ll be judged
Spent eons desperately wondering
If I’d ever feel again
So many people came and went
But the mirror never changes
Reaping what we sow
Judged on pools of tears
Or maybe smiles and laughter
The incredible highs
Or the deepest lows
Success and failure matter not
Or material riches and wealth
Just acceptance and peace
When it comes to the soul

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Without You

Sensing a vibrant color and clarity
Seeing life in an entirely new light
Feeling old wounds and scars heal
A new understanding of my plight

Watching the tragic loss and betrayal
All the abandonment and rejection
Finally, a reason the lessons learned
A destination of love and affection

Avalanche of changed perspective
Questioning everything I ever knew
One stark truth stands above all else
I’ll never want to go on without you

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An astonishingly natural beauty
Going well beyond the skin-deep
To the very core of your essence
Through exquisite eyes I can see
A once turbulent soul like mine
Now calm, filled with tranquility
A radiant being, lighting my days
Souls now bonded beyond infinity

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In your eyes, able to see all of your soul
And now a restless heart, finally at peace
Lifetime a lonely soul, yearning, pursuing
Now my search for you is finally complete

Our souls reunited and merged into one
Forged and bonded by grace of the divine
Fires stoked by passion, desire, affection
Love so deep, spanning till the end of time

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You and Me

An innate, unconditional love
Divinely inspired from above
A desire, a want and a need
But in reality, it’s just a seed

The start and a foundation
Of commitment and devotion
Love no bounds, ever higher
Passion driven hearts on fire

All because of a simple plea
A love so strong and deep
So obvious, anyone can see
You and me, are meant to be

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The Key Holder

Body twisting and quivering in emotional spasms
Tears streaming down from excess, raw emotion
All-consuming thoughts drowning out decades of silence
Mind still reeling from the reality of the sensation
From deep inside, a calmness and peace never before had
Let your love flow over me and wash away the pain
The key you’d held your entire life and perhaps more
Unlocked my heart and I’ve cast away all the chains
Now we’re both free to fly together, hand in hand
Life upside down and we’ll never be the same again

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Standing awestruck in significance
Feeling the electricity pulsing within
The final puzzle piece is now placed
Desiring to know where you’ve been

Exploring every nook, cranny, scar
Our souls and minds, I now confide
A journey well beyond imagination
Piece of you has always been inside